Interglobe, the owner of Indigo Airlines, has confirmed it will be cancelling flights between Delhi-Istanbul and Chennai-Kuala Lumpur till March 31. This is on the back of an advisory by the DGCA to restrict international traffic from Turkey and Malaysia. It is not clear whether this is an outcome of the Coronavirus pandemic or a response to these two countries supporting the cause of the people of Kashmir. Already, travel of passengers from European Union, EFTA, Turkey and the United Kingdom is prohibited with effect from 18th March 2020. Airlines are required to enforce this at the port of initial departure. In addition, the DGCA has also prescribed quarantine for 14 days in cases of persons either coming from or having visited any of the affected countries. These will be force till March 31. While the hit will be on business immediately for Indigo, the long term impact will be on tourism, sentiments, risk perception etc. These could be the real challenges for Indigo, even as it grapples with low fares and sticky costs structures.