Today, 14th May 2019 as per the data, Wholesale price index (WPI) based inflation showed a downward trend to nearly 3.07 % in April 2019.

Comparatively, last month the WPI stood at 0.18% and recorded 3.62% approx. in April 2018.
Price of food articles especially vegetables is at a rising level. Whereas manufactured items are showing well at prices with a low inflation rate of approx. 1.72%.

In April 2019, WPI inflation rate;
Inflation in Vegetable was at 40.65 % and lower at 28% approx in the previous month.
Food articles inflation stood closely at 7% and 5.68% in March
Inflation in 'fuel and power' nearly was at 3.84 %.
The Monetary Policy Committee meeting with the RBI Governor is scheduled by June for second monetary policy review for the fiscal.