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Sam Eswaran made post

How does the latest HDFC Bank results for Jun-20 quarter look like?

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Ria Jain answered.
3 weeks ago

HDFC Bank reported 19.6% growth in net profit to Rs.6659 crore due to lower tax cost and improved net interest income or NII. Provisions were a tad higher in the quarter. The NII was up 17.8% at Rs.15,665 crore in the Jun-20 quarter. Loans in the quarter grew by 21% while deposits also grew by 24%. The NIM or net interest margin stood at a healthy 4.3%.

Core low cost CASA deposits grew 26% resulting in CASA deposits comprising 40% of total deposits. The bank reported healthy liquidity coverage ratio of 140%. However the stress on assets was evident from the 49% growth in provisions and contingencies at Rs.3892 crore. There was a slight weakening in Gross NPAs to 1.36% and flat net NPAs at 0.33%.