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Moii Chavate made post

How do you see the latest quarterly results of Indiabulls Housing Finance?

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Sam Eswaran answered.
4 weeks ago

Indiabulls Housing Finance reported 86% fall in net profits at Rs.137 crore for the Mar-20 quarter. This fall in profits was largely on account of higher provisioning. Even business was lax as the total income of IBHL was by nearly a third at Rs.2954 crore. IHFL had made provisions for 1% of its loan book and had written off Rs.700 crore.

However, the gross NPAs of Indiabulls still remains under check at 1.8% and the current provisions at 5.4% mark a provision coverage ratio of 300%. Indiabulls also saw shrinkage in its balance sheet size from Rs.125,000 crore to Rs.102,872 crore. IHFL’s loan book also compressed from Rs.91,530 crore to Rs.69,676 crore