With the cinemas continuing to remain under pressure, PVR is looking to diversify its service portfolio and launch a range of food and beverage products. Such food products will be sold through a mix of online and offline channels. F&B used to contribute 30% of revenues for PVR, but it has since fallen to zero as the pandemic has shut down multiplexes.

Under the revamped plan, PVR will offer a bouquet of food products that can be takeaways and can also be sold on e-commerce sites. This should serve as an alternative revenue channel till the time people start flocking back to multiplexes. The Chairman, Ajay Bijli, expressed hope that these activities should return to normal by the middle of August 2020.

PVR is holding big ticket releases waiting for the multiplexes to be functional as that is the fulcrum on which its model is built. Footfalls in malls are increasing but the real cream would be available only when the theatres are allowed to open. Till that time, PVR hopes that its alternate food channel can do the trick for its bottom line.