InvestorQ : How do processes and methods help me as a trader?
Sadaf Khan made post

How do processes and methods help me as a trader?

3 years ago

As an investor your focus should be more on processes, methodologies and risk management. If that can be managed, the other parts of the puzzle will automatically follow. The point, therefore, is that apart from being hard to predict, it is also redundant to predict the markets. Rather, focus yourself on more fundamental and sustainable issues that make a difference. Let us reiterate that more than predicting the markets, it is more essential to read the signals of the market and trade appropriately. When you predict the market you are assuming that you know everything that is going to happen and also everybody’s reaction. That is absurd. Also when you believe that you can predict the market, you actually close your eyes and your mind to the possibility of a million things that could wrong. You can read that if you guided by the market cues.