InvestorQ : How do I know how much brokerage the broker has charged to me?
Arti Chavan made post

How do I know how much brokerage the broker has charged to me?

3 years ago
Have you seen a contract note? Next time when your broker sends you the contract by email just go through it in detail. The brokerage is calculated as a percentage of your buying value or your selling value. Everyday evening your broker will be giving you a contract note. In fact, the broker is required to give you the contract note each day. In the past, contract notes were printed and mailed to the clients, which used to take 2 days to reach the customer. Nowadays, the brokers directly email the contract notes to their customers. When you open your trading account, don’t forget to give your email id so that you can directly receive the contract note everyday evening. The contract note clearly mentions the details of brokerage and the amount of brokerage.
If you are trading on the internet, there is a better option available to you. You can download the contract notes directly from your trading account. In fact, the best thing for you to do is to check the contract notes daily. The brokerage rate should be what is mentioned in the agreement. If you find any difference, immediately talk to your broker.