NCDs can be purchased either during the public issue of the NCDs or it can also be purchased in the secondary market. The public issue investment can be made by filling up the physical form or if you have an online trading account, you can also directly purchase it into your demat account. Alternatively, since these NCDs are listed on the NSE and BSE, you can also buy them in the secondary market.

There are some unique merits of investing in NCDs. Firstly, since NCDs are listed on the stock exchanges, they provide liquidity and buying opportunities in the secondary market. NCDs are available in maturities from 2 year to 20 years giving the investor a wide choice. NCDs are rated by rating agencies like CRISIL, CARE, ICRA and Fitch which enables you to assess the credit quality and default risk. Above all, NCDs can be held in physical form or in demat form, enabling consolidation of your investments.