You are right that a number of very high quality stocks are now available at yearly low prices. Some are even lower than that. However, I will stick to only the top 100 stocks and not go beyond that since this is a tricky market offering good value. Here are 5 stocks.

Adani Ports (Rs.216) – The stock recently touched a multi year low of Rs.203. It still operates the largest and most efficient port and could benefit from a bounce back in global trade. You can buy this stock for the long term holding.

Bajaj Finance (Rs.2400) – The stock has lost nearly 55% from the peak and has bounced after touching a low recently. The stock still offers you the best NBFC play with strong NPA management and among the lowest cost of funds. Keep an year’s perspective.

Reliance Industries (Rs.920) – This stock was long a favourite of the market but has given up nearly 50% from its recent peak. Still offers the best combination of hydrocarbons and retail. With crude at $27/bbl, the downsides risks are limited on the stock.

HDFC Bank (Rs.770) – The stock has corrected over 45% over asset quality worries and succession challenges. But these are not really such big challenges that the bank cannot handle. Still remains the fastest growing bank with solid financials. Take a 6-month view.

Sun TV (Rs.293) – It is a great media property and with the problems at Zee, it looks best poised to dominate the media space. The stock is down nearly 55% from its recent peak and makes a convincing buy argument.