InvestorQ : How do I choose the best broker?
swati Bakhda made post

How do I choose the best broker?

3 years ago
That largely depends on what you want. There is a wide variety in the market. There are discount brokers, there are full-service brokers and there are many between the two. You can choose the broker based on what is the most important consideration for you. If you are looking to just trade at low costs, then discount brokers may be ok for you. If you are looking at research and other kinds of support then full-service brokers may be a better choice.
There are other things that you can look at. If you are looking at placing orders offline, check if you are comfortable with the dealer, if the office is too far from your place etc. In the case of online trading look for the online information provided, the speed of orders, easy of navigation etc. Ultimately, you must work with the broker who is giving you the best service and you are comfortable with.