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swati Bakhda made post

How did Torrent Pharma report such good numbers in the Jun-20 quarter?

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Dia Deshpande answered.
5 days ago

Torrent net profits were up by 48.6% at Rs.321 crore in the Jun-20 quarter. This was largely accounted for by robust sales in the Indian market. The June quarter had witnessed challenges due to Covid-19 having a negative impact on industry growth in global markets. The core Torrent markets had not been overly impacted.

For the company, the total expenses were lower during the quarter owing to the lockdown which aided margins. Torrent is expecting a gradual recovery in India, Brazil, US and Germany in the next few quarters. Total income of the company was marginally up by 0.88% at Rs.2060 crore while India revenues grew 2% to Rs.925 crore even a the US revenues fell 1% to Rs.373 crore.

Torrent launched two products in the US market during the quarter and has guided for 9-10 more launches in FY21. It also plans to file 12-14 ANDA in FY21. Torrent expects 97% of the business to normalize by September 2020. The pharma major is also looking at better growth in Brazil, although its exposure to branded generics could get hit by weak rupee.