Given below is the process by which NRIs can invest in G-secs-

-NRIs can invest in these bonds by going through the bank that maintains their NRE account. Alternatively, NRIs could approach the stockbroker who maintains their Demat account.

-Since the procedure to issue G-sec bonds involves submitting bids for an auction within a set time period in a week (generally Tuesday to Thursday), it would require specialized knowledge on the part of the bank or a broker to participate in the auction. Not all banks or stockbrokers are familiar with the process.

-In this case, an NRI can contact specialized banks which specifically have treasury operations unit or they can contact authorized dealers appointed by the RBI to participate in the auction process.

-An NRI PIS Account (Portfolio Investment Scheme Account) would enable investments on a repatriation basis.

Sr. No.Security
106.18% GS 2024
207.32% GS 2024
306.45% GS 2029
407.26% GS 2029
507.72% GS 2049
607.16% GS 2050
705.79% GS 2030
805.22% GS 2025