InvestorQ : How can I withdraw my EPF online?
Ishita Jain made post

How can I withdraw my EPF online?

Anushri Vasa answered.
4 years ago

The Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) allows an individual to either make a partial or a complete withdrawal of his/her EPF money.

However, in order to withdraw the full amount from EPF, you must either retire or remain unemployed for more than two months.

In order to withdraw money offline, you will have to get your identity attested by a gazetted officer, a bank manager, or a magistrate. Furthermore, you will also need to prove that you have been unemployed for more than two months.

You will have to submit the offline form at a regional EPFO office and then wait until the settlement of the claim.

For a partial or full EPF withdrawal, one needs to submit the EPF Composite Claim Form, which come in two types - Aadhaar-based and Non-Aadhaar based. Please note, the Non-Aadhaar based CC form require the attestation of the employer before being submitted to the PF office.