When you open a trading and demat account with your broker, they basically insist on proof of residence and proof of identity. So if you have basic documents like passport, license, telephone bill, electricity bill etc then that is good enough. Of course, PAN card is a must for opening a trading account. If you have these basic documents in place then the time taken to open your trading and the demat account is less than 3 days with most brokers. That is hardly anything.
If you want a still shorter waiting time then you can opt for e-KYC. The know your client (KYC) can be done in this case just with your PAN card and your Aadhar Card. You don’t need to give any physical documents in this case and the entire application process is online. If your Aadhar card is linked to your PAN card and updated with the latest address then your application process can happen in less than 30 minutes. Just ensure that your mobile is linked to your Aadhar card as you will have to authenticate yourself with an OTP (one-time password).