InvestorQ : How can a policyholder file for a home insurance claim?
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How can a policyholder file for a home insurance claim?

Nitin Shah answered.
3 years ago

This is a very pertinent question. We take insurance policies to ensure we can curb our losses whenever any calamity or untoward incident strikes our family/home. As we expect the insurance company to cover our losses in such a situation, it is of extreme importance that we know how to file an insurance claim correctly.

Having the right documents, and having them in the right place, will ensure you experience a quick claim process.

Before filing for a claim, you have to lodge a First Information Report (FIR) with the police and then you need to submit its copy to your insurance company.

Every insurance company has its own deadline within which you are expected to inform the company about your loss. This deadline varies from 7-15 days of the incident, so you have to make sure you inform your insurance company as soon as possible.

In the digital age, few companies also allow you to intimate them about your loss/losses via an email or a text message (SMS).

Other than the FIR, you need to submit the following documents to your insurance company:

- Fire brigade’s report

- Medical Officer’s certificate for death or disability

- Investigation Report by the police

- Suppliers’ original invoices for replacement

- Invoice of owned articles

- Repair estimates

- Court summons