InvestorQ : How can a policyholder deal with higher home insurance premiums?
Tanya Mehta made post

How can a policyholder deal with higher home insurance premiums?

Nitin Shah answered.
3 years ago

While insurance companies charge premiums in accordance with your risk liability, you can lower your home insurance premium amount by taking a few steps.

A few of these steps are:

· By increasing your deductibles, or the amount you as a policyholder pay out of your own pocket before an insurance company pays any expenses. No insurance is designed to cover minor contingencies and setting a higher deductible can help you bring down your premium amount.

· BY installing some safety measures like a backup generator, a surge protector for the entire building, deadbolts and smoke sensors yourself. By informing the insurance provider that you’ve installed all of these, you can get a significant discount in your premium amount.

· By choosing a house location which is not storm or flood prone areas.

  • By getting your home inspected by a professional from any fire audit agency and submitting the certificate to your insurer.
  • By not making claims for minor things as the rates increase with more claims.
  • By only insuring your house and not the land it is standing on.
  • By purchasing all your insurance policies (for e.g., house and car insurance) from one insurance company only as they are likely to give you great discounts on the grounds of being a multiple policyholder.
  • By not opting for unnecessary add-ons, irrespective of how cheap they seem.