That is where the virus is most likely to hit the Indian economy. Outbound travel and domestic tourism is expected to take a hit of over $500 million in India due to the Covid-19 outbreak. The president of the tourism association expects outbound travel to dip by 50% and domestic tourism to dip by 60% as Indians are cancelling their holiday plans amid fears of the Covid-19 disease. In addition, a large number of conferences, seminars and trade shows have also been cancelled. Companies are also instructing their personnel to cut down on travel and complete more things via videoconference. Constant media coverage in the 24X7 media has only deteriorated the confidence of travellers. In a desperate move, tour operators like Thomas Cook and SOTC are even offering zero cancellation fees, alternative destination packages and rescheduling options to travellers. This may take some time to normalize and until then the pressure will be on these tourism companies.