Firstly I would like to welcome you to the world of the stock market investment. Secondly, there is no such fixed amount that you need to get along to start your journey in the market. You can simply buy a share of a company worth Rs. 100.
As you mentioned that are a beginner and do not carry a financial background, I would like to tell you that concepts of stock market investment do not call only for finance based investors. You can learn about the required concepts, study market and charts to start the investment.

Let me place some tips that may help you as a beginner.
Remember, to become a successful trader always have a long-term view on equities. The investment plan must be not less than 3 years. Sometimes the return can be expected soon.
Always have a Plan- B in place. What if your predictions over market go wrong? Whether you are eventually right or wrong is immaterial. The back-up plan is your insurance against market uncertainty.

I would conclude my answer with advice that do not panic and invest, rather plan and go with the journey.

Bonus point: If you have low-risk appetite, I would suggest you invest in A group stocks.
Few recommended ones are;
Maruti Suzuki.