There seems to be good news for the online medical consultations businesses like Practo as the volumes of doctor consultations online has jumped sharply by 500% in the last two months of the lockdown. With a total shutdown, patients have no choice but to opt for online consultations. Online consultations jumped to 50 million as per Practo.

It is hard to say this signifies a long term trend by during the lockdown the percentage of telemedicine users shot up by sharply with nearly 80% being first-time users. A large chunk of the demand for online medical consultations also came from the non-metros. Ironically, the in-person doctor visit dropped by 70%, meaning online medicine is working well.

According to Practo, today telemedicine is not a luxury but a necessity. As more people see the value of telemedicine, the demand has been growing. During the lockdown people had no choice but to use telemedicine but that also allowed them to experience the power of online medicine. Telehealth can provide optimal care and virtual care.