As an investor, due to the Loksabha election being the most buzzing news of India, I studied the market performance and have come out with quite interesting results. I saw many investors especially the beginners are cautious to make the investment and the stock market.

It is commonly believed that the operation and impacts of electoral outcome, politics and market returns go hand-in-hand. But the reality is something else. One must understand that it is an economy which drives politics and not politics which drives the economy.

Investors must note that your investment decision should not be influenced by election-
This is because there are other significant reasons that affect the stock market.

If you check the recent history of the last six elections, there has been a positive trend for Indian stock market irrespective of whether the power and party have changed or remained the same.
However, the Stock market shows changes in its trend which is likely to depend on the amendment made which is mostly done by the elected candidate based on infrastructure, privatization, levying of tariffs, the creation of jobs, FDI, etc. Thus during the election, it is incumbent to keep a watch on the market news, sector news and upcoming events in the market.

Market experts say election can be turned as a good time to make money only if the proper analysis is done through the news. Some companies have a direct positive impact if the meant political party wins.
Coming to your second question, the announcement for the Loksabha election 2019 schedule of the Election Commission of India (EC) was made on March 10th. The polling will be activated on April 11 till May 19. Counting of votes will happen on 23rd May. This polling will be held in seven phases among the states.

Lok Sabha election 2019 dates-
On April 11, 2019, polls are scheduled in a total of 91 constituencies spread across 20 states.
On April 18, 2019, polls are scheduled in a total of 97 constituencies spread across 13 states.
On April 23, 2019, polls are scheduled in a total of 115 constituencies spread across 14 states.
On April 29, polls are scheduled in a total of 71 constituencies spread across 9 states
On May 6, polls are scheduled in a total of 51 constituencies spread across 7 states and
On May 19, polls will be held in a total of 59 constituencies spread across 8 states.