Mukesh Ambani’s journey in the Forbes Wealth List, has to do with the early adoption of technology as a core strategy of RIL. In the Forbes top-10 list, only Bernard Arnault of LVMH and Warren Buffett are non-digital names. Among the other 8, two are from Google and 2 from Microsoft. Then there are the founders of Amazon, Facebook and Oracle.

What about Mukesh Ambani? You can also classify Mukesh Ambani also under the digital category as 90% of his wealth in the last 3 years has been generated by digital initiatives. Buffett paid a huge price for his aversion to technology stocks. He missed some of the greatest US tech stories like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook.

The bigger takeaways from the Forbes listing is that the underlying trend cannot be missed out. Most of the wealth is created being by new economy companies and ideas executed in emerging markets. Buffett has traditionally been averse to all kinds of technology stocks. In addition, he also refused to diversify his bets outside the US.

What Ambani’s entry in the top-10 proves is that you don’t have to be a technology company. Even having a solid digital strategy and creating a digital-ready business model can be good enough. The way Reliance has leveraged technology to create the new oil and the data ready future are all reasons why Ambani’s name has appeared in the top-10 list.