The new management of Yes Bank has now officially announced that all ATMs and branches are sufficiently stocked to meet any requirement of cash once the moratorium is lifted from 6 pm on Wednesday. Transfers of funds are already permitted online but cash withdrawals will be permitted only from Wednesday evening onwards. The RBI withdrawal cap of Rs.50,000 will be lifted from 18 March at 6 pm. The SBI top boss has confirmed that all possible services will be restored to full levels. The SBI chief also added that only 1/3rd of their customers had withdrawn Rs.50,000 during the moratorium period and now full withdrawal will be permitted. Obviously, the RBI is playing it safe by starting it from Wednesday evening so that they get the time review the reaction and take a view. To give comfort to depositors, Rajnish Kumar has assured that the bank will not sell a single share till the end of the 3 year time frame, although they are permitted to bring down their stake from 49% to 26% in 3 years.