The Defence division (SED) of Tata Power has secured a contract worth Rs.1200 crore for the modernization of air field infrastructure from the defence ministry. The same was confirmed by a spokesperson of the Defence Ministry. The order broadly entails the modernization of 37 airfields for Indian Air Force (IAF), Indian Navy (IN) and the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) in the second phase of MAFI. In the first phase, 30 airfields of IAF have already been upgraded. This is a turnkey project that includes installation and commissioning of modern airfield equipment like Cat-II Instrument Landing System (ILS) and Cat II Air Field Lightning System (AFLS). The equipment around the airfield will also be directly connected to Air Traffic Control (ATC) providing additional control of the airfield systems to the ATC staff. These upgrades will facilitate air operations of military and civil aircrafts even in poor visibility and adverse weather condition at the same time enhancing aerospace safety. It will also provide an impetus to the domestic aviation industry. However, for Tata Power, the primary focus should be to focus on making its core power business viable. That is not happening at this point of time.