Bharatiya Janata Party President Amit Shah has been recently seen into news regarding his investment portfolio. Being a stock broker by profession before plunging himself into politics, the BJP president Amit Shah has a wealthy portfolio of over Rs 17.59 crore which includes his total investments in capital markets, including shares, mutual funds, and debentures.
According to the BJP chief’s affidavit filed with the Election Commission on March 30, Shah's wife’s investments amounted Rs 4.36 crores approx. I have collected these mentioned facts and figures by referring to various online sources.

All the investment information was disclosed while Shah submitted his nomination papers for the Gandhinagar Lok Sabha seat. His total asset worth over Rs 30.49 crore as of March 22, 2019.

Among BJP president's entire portfolio of investment, he owns shares in several large-cap and mid-cap firms led by Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL), Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Bajaj Auto, Colgate-Palmolive, Grasim, HUL, L&T Finance, and UltraTech Cement had his major investments.
Shah's prominent investment in shares of the RIL (Mukesh Ambani led company) amounts to approx Rs 2.15cr.

Along with his holding of shares worth around Rs 3.08 lakh in 80-odd unlisted firms, he held shares of reaching Rs 17.56 crore in at least 200 listed firms.

Congress president, Rahul Gandhi investment came up to Rs. 5.19 crore in 10 mutual fund schemes. Unlike the BJP leader, Rahul Gandhi has his investment in equity exposure mainly through mutual funds. He had submitted an affidavit for the Wayanad constituency. It evidences that his investments are in mutual funds only instead of directly holding stocks.

In terms of liquidity, Congress president, Rahul Gandhi holds approx. Rs 40,000 in cash and a maximum of Rs 17.93 lakh in bank savings. The total sum of investment came around Rs 39.89 lakh.