Other than the auspicious angle to it, there’s no real reason for purchasing gold during Dhanteras, Diwali, Akshaya Tritiya, etc.

Most of us buy gold only because its “considered” to be auspicious. None of us know if it really is auspicious or not. It is merely a custom being followed over the years.

So, buying gold on Dhanteras or not is totally up to you. Because just like we wait for correction in the equity market to buy few stocks, we should technically be waiting for gold prices to ease a bit before buying it. However, due to increased demand and the way demand supply works, gold prices have increased in India. In fact, gold prices were close six-year highs yesterday. Gold of 99.99 and 99.5% purity rose to Rs 32,620 and Rs 32,470 per 10 gram, respectively.