There are 2 things that are noteworthy about Trump’s campaign. Firstly, Trump has not been a great votary of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which includes Mexico. Trump has already been talking about a wall along the Mexican border to curb Mexican refugees who enter the US and live as illegal immigrants. This will enable India to sign fresh trade agreements with the US, Canada and Mexico and open a huge market for them.

Trump’s campaign slogan of “Making America Great Again” was predicated on cutting taxes and investing heavily in infrastructure. Both these are huge opportunities. Cutting taxes will put a lot of purchasing in the US economy. Investment in infrastructure will open up new opportunities for Indian companies looking to set up a footprint in the US. With large companies possessing quality execution skills, it could be a big story for India.

The big story has been the US China trade war. The US has been consistently complaining about China accounting for nearly 80% of the total trade deficit of the US. As a retaliatory measure, the US government imposed stiff import tariffs on China to reduce the deficit and also to punish China for its alleged infringement of intellectual properties.