InvestorQ : continue stock going down why?
deepak made post

continue stock going down why?

Sam Eswaran answered.
2 years ago

I suppose you are referring to Bandhan Bank here. The bank has been under pressure for some time now and some of the reasons are as under:

· Bandhan Bank is an active bank in the East and North East region and with the rising tensions in this region after the CAA bill passed on citizenship, analysts have been sceptical about the performance of this bank. Bengal and Assam are major business growth areas for Bandhan Bank.

· There have been protests in Assam against MFIs like Bandhan Bank and unions have made it tough for the company to do business there.

· The bank quotes at rich valuations. Quoting at 38-40 times earnings when the business outlook is tepid is not very comfortable

· There are ownership issues because the promoters need to dilute their stake in the company under RBI regulations. That is also likely to be an overhang on the stock price.

A combination of all these factors are likely to keep Bandhan Bank under pressure.