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Katherine Gonsalves made post

Can you throw some light on the latest order that HCC and Dilip Buildcon got from NHAI?

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Rutuja Nigam answered.
3 weeks ago

The joint venture between HCC and Dilip Buildcon has secured a Rs.1900 crore contract from NHAI. This project is to design and construct a 22-km road to link the twin states of Jharkhand and Bihar. It will include a four-lane bridge over the Ganga river and will also connect Sahibganj bypass in Jharkhand to Manihari bypass in the state of Bihar.

HCC share in the JV is 26% and interestingly, HCC was the very company that built India's first road *** rail bridge, the Rajendra Setu, across the river Ganga at Mokameh. This bridge was built by HCC in the sixties.