InvestorQ : Can you throw some light on Cotton as a commodity in India?
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Can you throw some light on Cotton as a commodity in India?

Arusha Ray answered.
3 years ago

It is by now well know that cotton is one of the oldest agricultural commodities and is classified as a cash crop. This commodity actually dates back to the Egyptian civilization and the Indus Valley period. The earliest use of cotton dates back to the Indus Value Civilization and the Egyptian Civilization which existed more than 4000 years ago. Even today, cotton is essentially grown for its fibre which is an important ingredient in the manufacture of textiles. Among all the kinds of natural and synthetic fibres used for making textiles, cotton still dominates with a 35-40% market share globally. For its coolness, elegance and flexibility, cotton still remains the preferred choice for formal and informal textile usages.

While cotton is essentially used for textiles, it also has other supplementary applications. For example, the fibre is used in textiles due to its strength and absorbency. The cotton seed is crushed to make cottonseed cake, which is an important livestock feed in India. The cottonseed is also crushed for producing edible oil. In fact, in India, cottonseed oil is the fifth largest consumed edible oil for cooking purposes and is known for its lower fat and cholesterol content.