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Ria Jain made post

Can you tell me about the latest success of L&T in the Make in India initiative?

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Anu Biswas answered.
1 month ago

Larsen & Toubro recently achieved a major milestone under the “Make in India” initiative by building a cryostat indigenously for the $20 billion global fusion project. This is part of the world's largest nuclear fusion reactor being built in France and was achieved at L&T’s Hazira plant. The cryostat, a vacuum pressure vessel, consists of 3850 tonnes of stainless steel.

The final assembly of cryostat is the largest high-vacuum pressure chamber in the world. It also marks an important achievement in the global nuclear fusion arena and is a major step in Make in India initiative. The function of the cryostat is to provide cooling to the fusion reactor and to keep very high temperatures at its core under strict control.

The Cryostat Vessel is part of the limitless carbon free energy that will power the future and an important green initiative. In the medium term it will also demonstrate the large scale feasibility of fusion power. India is contributing 9% of the project components for the project. L&T Heavy Engineering business won this prestigious contract from ITER India.