InvestorQ : Can you give names of some mid cap stocks that have done very well in 2020?
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Can you give names of some mid cap stocks that have done very well in 2020?

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Riken Mehta answered.
3 weeks ago

This year theme has been IT, pharma and agri related stocks post COVID-19. Pharma has gained since these companies will get more investments from investors especially in R&D segment to produce new drugs. IT companies have also done well as companies will focus more on automation and digital solutions going ahead. Agriculture related stocks have done well on back of good monsoon this year. Closure of restaurants has helped quick service restaurant chains like Jubilant Foodworks. Power generating companies like Torrent Power and Adani Power have also done well as work from home will continue for rest of the year

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sara Kunju answered.
3 weeks ago

It is a well known and established fact that mid cap and small cap indices have underperformed the Nifty and the Sensex since 2018. This is also evident in the annualized returns calculated since then, after the LTCG tax was introduced in 2018.

But not all is bad with mid cap stocks either and there are a handful of stocks that have done incredibly well over the last few months. Just to give you a context of the case, close to 38 stocks from this space have turned out to be multi-baggers since the start of 2020.

Some performances are mindboggling. For example, Coastal Corporation gave 1042% returns YTD while IOL Chemicals has appreciated by 820%. Brokerage house, Dolat Capital, and GMM Pfaudler are up nearly 600% during the same period, which is phenomenal.

Most of the big gainers in the last 7-8 months of the year have been from the mid cap IT space and the specialty chemicals space. There are the likes of Tanla Solutions and Alkyl Amines that are up nearly 400% over the last few months and still looking strong.