NSE uses the reverse book building system; a fully automated screen based bidding system that allows offers to run in several issues concurrently. The system has the facility of defining a hierarchy amongst the users of the system. The Book Running Lead Manager can define who will be the Syndicate member and who will be the other members participating in the issue. The Syndicate Member and other Members also have a facility of defining a hierarchy among the users of the system as Corporate Manager, Branch Manager and Dealer.

Trading Members

The Book Running Lead Manager will give the list of trading members who are eligible to participate in the Book Building process to the Exchange. Members have to submit a one-time undertaking to the Exchange. Eligible trading members have to give in the prescribed format details of the user IDs that they would like to use.

List of Approved Trading Members:

ICICI Brokerage Services Limited.

Karvy Stock Broking Limited.

Master Capital Services Limited.


Subscribers can approach any of the approved trading members for submitting offers in the NEAT IPO system. On line transaction registration slip are generated automatically after entering the offers in to the system, which acts as proof of the registration of each offer.