The Retail Debt Market is set to grow tremendously in India with the broadening of the market participation and the availability of a wide range of debt securities for retail trading through the Exchanges.

The following are the trends, which will impact the Retail Debt Market in India in the near future:

Expansion of the Retail Trading platform to enable trading in a wide range of government and non-government debt securities

Introduction of new instruments like STRIPS, G-Secs with call and put options, securitised paper etc.

Development of the secondary market in Corporate Debt

Introduction of Interest Rate Derivatives based on a wide range of underlying in the Indian Debt and Money Markets.

Development of the Secondary Repo Markets

Indian Debt Market foresees a quantum growth in the near future, soon attaining global standards of safety, efficiency and transparency. This will truly help the Indian capital markets to attain a place of pride among the leading capital markets of the world.