Your equity trading account is good enough to trade in equities, futures and options. You can also trade ETFs, currency futures, interest rate futures and VIX futures with your equity trading account. What about commodities? Currently, it is not possible to trade in commodities with your existing equity trading account. You will need a separate commodity trading account which you will have to open with your broker. This is more due to the fact that commodities were under a different regulator in the past. It is only in the last 2 years that the FMC was merged into SEBI and the commodity market regulation was also brought under SEBI. This could change as the regulator looks to further integrate the equities and commodities segments. It is interesting to note that currency derivatives can be dealt in your existing equity trading account itself. Perhaps, we may see SEBI permitting a single trading account for equity and commodities including the benefits of common cross margining for trading.