The best way to identify underpriced and overpriced options is to focus on the Black and Scholes model. That is a scientific proven model. Normally, traders buy options that are undervalued as per Black and Scholes and they sell options are overpriced as per Black & Scholes.

You can also make use of options chain which is available on the website of NSE and also on your trading terminal. It puts the strike at the centre and maps calls and puts with volumes and IVs. You can get the option chain of all calls and puts of all strikes for a stock or index either on the NSE website or on your Bloomberg terminal or even on your trading screen. The trading screen also gives you information on whether the particular strike call option is underpriced or overpriced based on the Black Scholes model. If you use that as a guide to buy call options, it is less likely that you will end up buying grossly overpriced options.