IIFL launched a special initiative in order to support Fintech start-ups facing funding and growth challenges in the light of COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative is best identified by the hash-tag #IIFLDisrupt and it will provide funds, becoming first clients and also giving access to mentors in the case of stressed start-ups. This is in sync with the belief at IIFL that the post-COVID world could see revolutionary Fintech disruptions. This would give them an opportunity to partner with and invest in Fintech start-ups that are looking to disrupt the world of financial services. It is not only start ups but even accelerators and incubators, that catalyze these start ups, are invited to collaborate and assist Fintech start-ups. IIFL Wealth has already raised two seed venture funds of about Rs.1000 crore each in last five years and has also made multiple investments in start-ups. Some of the subjects of investment include food delivery, artificial intelligence (AI), online fashion and digital lending.