InvestorQ : Can I opt to receive my password by email and how?
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Can I opt to receive my password by email and how?

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Khushi Patel answered.
2 years ago

Your trading and demat account password are normally sent by post or by mobile with OTP authentication. However, there are circumstances when you cannot get the password by physical mail or by mobile phone. For example, you may not have a mobile phone with you and hence you may not be able to receive the password and id. Alternatively, you could be traveling abroad. Normally, such messages are sent through automated mailing and such messages tend to get blocked when you on international roaming. Or if you are an NRI client, you may not have a mobile number to contact in India. What do you do then?

You can authorize your DP to send the password and id by email id. That must be your registered email id and the DP may ask you for a second level of authentication done through OTP sent to your email id. This authorization has to be printed, signed and physically handed over to your DP. Only then it is valid. You cannot give such instructions over email. Once the letter is received, your DP will verify your email and then the id and password will be sent through email. You will also be asked to modify your password after you access for the first time. That is for your own safety and security.