You cannot expect your broker to provide all these services at zero cost. Just ensure that your broker provides brokerage rates that are competitive. This is more relevant in case of intraday trading and options trading where the concomitant costs matter a lot. You must also insist that the broker provide you with best-in-class leverage in intraday trading and in futures and options subject to the extant rules. Leverage will help you get the most out of your margin money. To a large extent, the leverage will depend on your relationship with the broker and your track record. Normally, for intraday trades, even the discount brokers are willing to give you a big leverage leeway.

The more the business of broking gets automated it always adds value to have a human interface in the form of a direct contact or a dedicated relationship manager. The relationship manager can be a one stop contact point for all your needs. Also, the relationship manager can be like a guide who can red flag concerns in the market and highlight opportunities to you. That makes it a dual role and extremely valuable at that. Whether you are about to open a broking account or you already have a broking account, you must insist that your broker provides the bare minimum services.