InvestorQ : Can I get my annual reports and AGM notices by physical form rather than electronic form
Arusha Ray made post

Can I get my annual reports and AGM notices by physical form rather than electronic form

Mahil Khan answered.
3 years ago
Nowadays all annual reports, AGM minutes and link for proxy voting are all sent across online only. The idea is to be more environmentally conscious. When you print thousands of annual reports it requires thousands of trees to be cut down. Ideally, we would suggest opting for online annual reports only as it is simpler, can be stored, you can maintain the file in y our e-locker and it is less expensive to maintain. Most of your physical annual reports do end up in the dustbin anyway.
So primarily, there is merit in opting and sticking to electronic mode for receiving annual reports and you can now vote for the AGM online using the demat link facility provided by registrar like Karvy and In-time. However, should you insist on receiving the annual reports in physical form only, then you can give a request to the DP for the same. Of course, like in any of the other cases, you will have to give a physical signed application in the attached format below. In case of joint holders of the demat account, the form below will have to be signed all the joint holders in the same order.
The advantage is that you do not have to communicate to each of the company separately in case you are holding shares of multiple companies. Once the request is recorded at your DP end, it is automatically executed for all the companies in your demat account. Remember, your company is saving millions by not printing the annual reports on paper. Instead, the shift to electronic annual reports and AGM notices makes it a lot more economical to get intimations from your company in which you hold shares.