InvestorQ : Can I buy stocks that other market experts are recommending
Nishant Chandani made post

Can I buy stocks that other market experts are recommending

Dawn Cherian answered.
3 years ago
You better not! Investing is not random, but it has to be backed by diligent research. Some of the world’s greatest investors like Warren Buffet, Ben Graham and Peter Lynch were deeply committed to research. Remember, the toss of a coin can favor you once or twice, it cannot favor you forever. Research is your best bet to buy good investments. Also, is the person recommending the stock taking responsibility for it? Today anyone can come and talk anything on a business channel. There are some SEBI checks but nobody will arrest an analyst for giving wrong recommendations.
Don’t but just because someone asks you to buy. There is so much information on companies that are there on the internet. You can read annual reports, look at ratios, look at charts and so many other things you can do. The idea is that first know the company whose shares you are buying in the market. For example, I may be holding shares of a company that is not traded very frequently. Just to exit the stock, I will tell everyone buys, buy, buy. It happens and you have to be careful. Also, opinions are opinions. They are not facts. They are only opinions. They can be right but they can also be wrong.