InvestorQ : Can I buy Mutual Fund and Gold through Google Pay?
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Can I buy Mutual Fund and Gold through Google Pay?

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varsha Motwani answered.
1 year ago

Google pay has become a popular payment mode for almost everything and now the user can also buy gold. On Wednesday, 27th March 2019 Google launched a new option of buying “digital gold” on its online payment app. By adding this new option to buy gold, google pay is trying to increase its customers base and lure potential customers.

However, currently buying Mutual fund through Google pay is not available to users. In fact, there is news going on that Google pay is also about to start other wealth management products like Mutual Fund, insurance, etc. It is yet not confirmed from the Company’s spokesperson. Launching a wealth management products on Google pay is a highly anticipated option.

To explore the potential payment that is untouched till now, Google pay is now trying to set a network of 200,000 stores across 3,500 towns and cities in India over the next few months. To achieve this, Google Pay has already partnered with Point-Of-Sale (POS) companies-Pine Labs and Innoviti Payment Solutions Pvt. Ltd.