InvestorQ : Can I become a better trading by online trading?
Arusha Ray made post

Can I become a better trading by online trading?

Angel dcosta answered.
3 years ago

Online broking is still evolving in India although it has come a long way in the last 20 years. It can surely make you a more adept trader as you are forced to taking responsibility for your actions rather than just leaving everything to the broker. An old broker friend once rightly said, “Online trading does not make you rich. But it surely saves you from becoming a sucker”. Back in the late 90s, the spread of online broking was helped by 2 major factors viz. dematerialized ownership and online banking. The spread of personal PCs and laptops only accentuated this trend towards online broking. That was the first phase of growth in online broking.

Currently, in India we are now at the beginning of the second phase of growth in online trading. The hardware has now shifted from being a PC / laptop to the more nimble Smartphone and notepads. Faster internet connections, broadband and Wi-Fi have ensured that it is almost possible to trade from anywhere without compromising security. Additionally, stiffer competition among brokers is forcing more retail investors to be migrated to the online platform. If anything, it will be for the benefit of retail investors. Equity and F&O traders need to reconcile to the fact that online trading is the road ahead. You can argue whether you get the human touch of offline but that is not really material. The simplicity of trading through websites and apps is a lot more compelling.