As a trader, you must know what confirmations to look for in a trade. Why should you look for multiple confirmations? Remember, as a trader your primary job is to worry about protecting your capital and not about making money in trading. The best way to protect your capital is to minimise the risk in trading. The only way you can minimize your risk in trading is to wait for multiple confirmations. But first, when should you not wait for multiple confirmations? If you are trading a trending market purely for the momentum then you need not worry too much about multiple confirmations. Trading the trend is good enough as long as momentum is in your favour. In normal market conditions it is always safer and more advisable to seek multiple confirmations before committing your funds to a trading decision. That is because you are drawing a fine and delicate balance between stop losses and profits. Multiple confirmations help you to put your stop losses and your profit booking targets at more realistic and profitable levels. That is the essential and indisputable logic behind waiting for multiple confirmations before trading.