Here are some important points you need to know about MF flows in the year till date. The flows have surely been robust during the year.

· Mutual funds added Rs.400,000 crore to their asset base in 2019 on the back of strong inflows in debt schemes and higher investor confidence.

· AMFI, expects the industry to witness growth in the range of 17-18% in 2020 with equity funds seeing robust inflows.

· The total accretion to AUM was 18% to a new high of Rs.27,00,000 crore by end of November as per AMFI data. Growth was 7.5% in the year 2018 and 32% in 2017.

· Experts contend that mutual funds saw significant growth post-demonetisation, and that initial euphoria may have sort of run out. But 8.7 crore investor base is huge.

· Growth in AUM is largely attributed to debt schemes. But even within debt, the focus in on safe funds and credit risk funds continue to see outflows.

· Sound rules and regulations imposed by SEBI boosted confidence in mutual funds and gave a big boost to mutual flows in the last one year.

· Interestingly, year 2019 marks the seventh consecutive annual rise in industry AUM. MF AUM of the industry grew from Rs.8.50 lakh crore in 2014 to Rs.27 lakh crore in November 2019, indicating a three-fold jump.