InvestorQ : Are there are trading lessons that we can glean from a mercenary?
Suhani Mirza made post

Are there are trading lessons that we can glean from a mercenary?

Moii Chavate answered.
3 years ago

The first lesson is to always go with the winners in the stock market, irrespective of whether you are a trader or an investor. That is the first lesson from a mercenary. Never bet on what is justified and what is not. Focus on what approach is likely to win and where the headwinds are already visible. A mercenary is quick to adopt the winner’s side!

AS a trader or an investor, be willing to change tack seamlessly and quickly. There is nothing like you have to be a loyal bull or a loyal bear. You can be both when the time commands and that are entirely at your disposal. Like a mercenary is never bound by national loyalties, your strategy should not be bound by your loyalty to any belief, strategy or approach. Be flexible and ever willing to change your style, strategy and bias based on the market dictates. That is counts in trading and investing in the markets.

Your primary duty in the market is to survive. Once you live to see another day, then you can think about thriving. That is exactly the mercenary approach that is followed. For a mercenary, that is always the focus to survive first. It does not matter which side you are in as long as you are winning. You are not committed to stick to a fallacy to the very last. There is no shame in withdrawing from the battlefield to live and fight another day. Being a mercenary is all about getting real. You don’t want to be the last man standing on a sinking ship”. The precisely same rule applies to markets too.