Every crisis has some beneficiaries and in this case also there are some sectors that are benefiting. The Coronavirus pandemic may have created a panic and kept people indoors, but it surely benefiting the ecommerce sector in a big way.

It has been reported that ecommerce firms like Flipkart, Amazon have seen a 30% spike in orders in the last few days. Clearly, more people now prefer to order their home needs on the internet rather than taking the risk of going to a crowded superstore or mall. In addition, scores of companies have also asked their staffs to work from home and that is also leading to a spurt in the demand for goods and services online.

Online stores have reported a sharp spurt in the online sales of a host of products including fresh fruits, vegetables, milk, fast foods, baby foods, personal hygiene products, pulses etc. This trend was first seen in China when ecommerce saw a sharp spike. That is now visible in India also and that is the positive takeaway for the ecommerce sector.